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Are You Ready To Overcome Your Past Trauma And Start Waking Up Happy?

Discover The Hidden Secret To Overcoming Self-Doubt, Anxiety, And Depression Through Healing The Sub-Conscious


I remember waking up every day with anxiety as if the day was doomed from the beginning. I wasn’t even able to think clearly.

If I could get out of bed, each task felt like I had to climb a mountain.

I didn’t understand why I felt trapped, I just did.

I tried everything...

Traditional medication and therapy helped for awhile… but it didn’t feel right for me.

All I wanted was to be present, to be happy.

TWH Brittany portrait.png

I tried a few alternative methods but nothing worked.

I had heard of hypnosis but was skeptical to try.

Finally, I listened to my intuition and took a step forward to begin healing.

Everything changed the moment I took my life into my own hands.

Are you feeling afraid to open up and dig deep to find the root of the issue, even though it could solve so many things?

Afraid of being vulnerable?

Do you feel that it’s much easier to ignore and suppress uncomfortable feelings and emotions as opposed to sitting in that space.

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I understand being afraid of stepping too far out of your comfort zone and prefer to stay where you’re familiar even if you’re unhappy.

Even with all the methods you’ve tried, getting out of bed still feels impossible.

Nothing seems to work.

I get it.

This Is Where Your Story Changes

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95% of our beliefs, behaviors, and habits are stored in our sub-conscious

Hypnosis works on a deep level with your sub-conscious and makes a lasting, positive, change in your life.

This change starts with rewiring at the root of your beliefs.

I’ll guide you through the journey.

"I went into my first session feeling a little nervous, and I left feeling calm, peaceful and happy. I suffer from anxiety and have struggled to m"anage it for years. Brittany gave me tangible tools and strategies that I use (almost) everyday that have truly helped me. I am so grateful Brittney has chosen to follow the path that led her to do what she does because she is genuine, kind and nurturing. I already can’t wait for my next session!"
- Patients remain anonomous 
"I feel peaceful and more present after every hypnotherapy session with Brittany. My mind feels clear and my anxiety is completely gone. Each session has felt like such a gift and my life feels doable again. If you feel overwhelmed or you feel you have lost direction in your life I highly recommend scheduling a hypnotherapy session to find your calm, all knowing center again!"
- Patients remain anonomous

Hypnosis Might Not Be For Everyone, So…

Is it right for you?
Hypnosis therapy is perfect for you if...

  • You want to overcome anxiety, depression, and limiting beliefs

  • You want to live in the present and enjoy time with the people around you

  • You want to achieve your goals and create consistency

  • You're tired of traditional methods and are ready to try something alternative

  • You're scared of being on multiple medications but don’t know what to do

  • You’re ready to make deep changes on a subconscious level

My mission is to help women create positive change in their lives that actually lasts

Hypnosis works best when you can be seen regularly for multiple sessions, we’ve found the sweet spot for lasting change is 4 sessions.
This is why I created my unique 30-day intensive
Mindset Reset program


Mindset Reset Includes


Weekly 1:1 hypnosis sessions (4 total)

Daily support via instant message or email

Guidance worksheets, check-in emails & weekly action plans

Self-hypnosis recording &
Deep sleep hypnosis recording

To Ensure The Highest Quality Time With Each Patient I’m Only Accepting 10 Patients Per Month

Begin Rewiring Today, And Love Your Life!


My name is Brittney Stocker

My journey in helping others started by getting certified in Reiki. Energy balance and healing are very important to me. I want to connect as much as possible on an energetic level.

After my Reiki certification, I continued on to get my Hypnotherapy certification.

Shortly after my Hypnotherapy certification, I completed my Quantum healing certification.


Now my passion is helping other women overcome these invisible obstacles to enjoy their life and feel in control. I try and take one or two courses a year from different hypnotherapists to learn new techniques!

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